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ISSN 2277-9388
Volume 5, Issue 2, July -Dec 2016
Volume 5, Issue 1, Jan – Jun 2016
Volume 4, Issue 2, July – December 2015
Volume 4, Issue 1, Jan-June 2015
Volume 3, Issue 2, July-Dec 2014
Volume 3, Issue 1, Jan-June 2014

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Wealth – IJMBF , Volume 4, Issue 2, july –Dec 2015


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Research Papers

  • A Study Forecasting Volatility of Leading Public and Private Banks in India-An application of GARCH Model
    Ravi Changle, Sukhjeet Kaur Matharu and R.K.Sharma
  • Impact of Liquidity on Profitability of Commercial banks in Pakistan: An analysis on banking sector in Pakistan
    Rizwan Ali Khan and Mutahhar Ali
  • Indian Gold Rush Sentiment- An Empirical Investigation
    P. Hemavathy and S. Gurusamy
  • Financial Inclusion in India: An Inter-State Disparity
     Vikram K. Joshi
  • On the Competitiveness of Malaysian Islamic Banking under the context of Financial Liberalization
    Yagoub Elryah
  • Determinants of Institutional Investor’s Subscription Level of IPOs: Evidence from Indian Capital Market in Post Mandatory IPO Grading Regime
    Souvik Banerjee and K.T. Rangamani